Friday, January 29, 2010


started my morning with some bg
sprinkled in a tad of ag
and culminated with the chair rushing into my office door
pulling the yellow stained shirt off my back
looking me dead in the eye
and telling me that my problems are weak
my visions equally blurred
but our hearts
our hearts

thank you
just postponed a sale date on a home nearing foreclosure
that feels good
I technically didn't do anything except make a phone call
that feels good
to make a phone call and get the results you desire

"all hands on deck now...the sea is getting rough again"

'service not available' reads my phone
not cool
at all
here i wait
bejeweled is even making me anxious
because i usually engage while on
the phone
but my phone
'service not available'
not cool
"time to throw the Wu sign, throw both of yall hands up"

transferring data to my phone is causing my computer
a bit of a monitor-ache
while our phones have been down now for three hours
i calmly lose my cool

dropped four pounds at the pool
my phone still refuses to work
what a inanimate mechanical jerk

i do for you cheap
cheap cheap

Thursday, January 28, 2010


here i am

'can't always do what's right
but can always do what's left'
-TCV @ 1:37-


"Son, Grand has always been part of my name.
Are you JUST realizing that?
Grand Wizness, GrandMaster, GrandMixologist
Whew the list is long"
-Originator of Orijanel @ 9:51-


Get to know Mr. Dungy if you don't already


Sly and the Family Band
Paul Simon w/ The All African Band
That would be my ideal lineup
off the top of my head

time to pull some files from our filing cabinet
walk past multiple people plugging away at the daily grind
to grab paper filed in between thicker paper
fastened by thin metal
only to be passed around
and eventually judged

katy perry is not my friend
she should be
someone inform her
then inform me

anxious in the short term for a burger
in the long term for some Elle
to be delivered into this world
ah well, the good anxiety will soon be replaced
by the bad
the hiding out in the bushes with a
following slowly in an unmarked car
to prom
so I should likely preach patience
to myself
and this bit
kill me every single time
I MUST have multiple lives
thank you for the revelation Mr Peters

just had a burger that run me 9 bucks
not worth it
the 4 buck one from JITB yesterday
was just as good
especially due to the fact I was spotting a lunch
message home to honey
we're eating mac and cheese and whatever else
is dwelling in our cabs
i do love mac and cheese though

speaking of mac
Mac Bangs Dennis's Mom
an absolutely classic
Always Sunny episode
I love all the more that Mac's mom is referred to as
Mrs. Mac

Them Crooked Vultures
know how to put together some rock
and roll
thank you gentlemen
for this musical escape in the form of
your debut album

out E 5000

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


good morning Vietnam!!!
good morning America!!
good morning self!

one crucial organization of documents and faxing of them down
tons to go

the Melbourne city centre area is 20,000 population
with no private cars
my eventual home
based on visual stimulation alone
that's how I roll

i'm caught between a power struggle
and it's horrible
it made me ball up my fists
I also desperately need to eat
missing out on my traditional pb & j that I typically consume
in the AM

my physical for my life insurance is Saturday
urine - fine
blood - ouch, but fine
jelly finger!?! - really!?!
I'm 26 years old
I'm freaking out
officially you understand??
sirloin burger with swiss cheese and grilled onions
yes please and thank you

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


do you see how this works

do you see how this jerks

my body

back and forth

to and fro

do you see my spirit grow

anyway you have it

it's going to form a habit


my 9am work started at 330pm yesterday

our computer system was to be down at 530pm


how do you think my workday went yesterday?

tremendous? fabulous?


mindbending with a minor crack here and there


there will typically be a strong reason I don't end up here

that was it




'here's the ticket, what's the problem?'

'too many tickets is the problem man'

'here's the ticket, what's the problem?'

'too many problems is the ticket in my hand'



love it



back from lunch
tasty tasty del with Jones
good to see him
on his day off
I had 8 points, 16 rebounds, and 2 blocks
in our season opener this past Sunday
my stat line on
nil across the board
disheartening to see they errored in the area of displaying my stat line
ah well
at least we got the W
not quite as bad as my senior year in high school
having my picture left out with only the words
'not available'
typed in a sad gray square
time to talk to John
my porcelain friend who never judges me
once again
another non official video
but I think I'm more shocked that
LiL Wayne have teamed up
rather than the actual sound/lyrics/quality of the song itself
i thought it was around 5pm
its 615pm
shows you exactly where my day has gone
it's gone

Friday, January 22, 2010


23 won
they were 'more physical'
according to 24
they also hit their free throws

23 is also favored in every US state in MVP voting
every one except Colorado
they voted for Melo

that swell gentleman in red

data transfers taking forever
if forever
then filling out this financial information sheet is
and beyond

an automated machine just told me what I 'need' to do
hmm...I was in the middle of thinking how ridiculous that is
then I listened
so, how ridiculous am I?

just copped the Love Hate Relationship single
3 songs from blood family, the Y-Dresta

support him if you can

mini buffalo ranch chicken burgers
go down
oh so well
what I would call
a successful venture
to Target
right on

laughter is always nice to hear
even 'ugly laughter'

shin and song is apparently 'too easy'
for the representative on the other end
he is really really
trippin me

the ssn's don't match
'let me take a peak, because I see something different'
what on earth could he see?
he returns as if nothing
absolutely nothing has happened

a guy just left
his drive home is an hour
and forty five minutes
bless his heart
I'll leave here in an hour
still beat him to our respective destinations

i'm still
trying to figure out the point of this

just found out I'm starting for my basketball team
I was the 6th man last year as I recovered from injury
i'm recovered
ready to dominate
Superstar Basketball beware!

As my work day ends
So does this entry

Elle will be here soon
Danger is on the horizon
Wilson to be carried on

Thursday, January 21, 2010


starting this later than desired
it is started

the last thing in my head last night
for some reason

she was like
'are you singing bone thugs n harmony?'

yes I was

the rain comes in bunches
it hasn't stayed for much more than 3 hours at a time
what a crime

the smokers seem to find this quite convenient
each time the rain fades
I watch them flock to the exits
to suck some stick

french roast coffee
is most easily dripped from a Keurig machine
drawback is
I can't control the strength
similar to my everyday crime fighting life

I'd like to drink Horchata
in the summer
with Vampire Weekend

lunch on Wednesday with Prado
Osvaldo is a champion of a name

my stomach just sounded like Harry's
from Dumb & Dumber
not good
at all
as I walked back to my desk
I was instructed to watch this

thank you Jo
his MJ lean at 2:05 is worth it all in itself

took a walk around the building
the air after a downpour is the freshest we get
here in so cal

my day has been just that
a day that has now turned to night
this night
I will strive for adventure and peace
this night
I will realize what need be realized
whatever it may be

goodnight my friends

oh yes
23 v 24 tonight
who comes out victorious??

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


i find no time throughout my day
to post
to blog
to write
to type
At the beginning of certain days I will start a bLOG
as the day goes by
I will try
to drop in with my two cents and possibly a dollar bill
Not too many hot cocoa's mixed with water are tasty
the one at my lips
is divine
frustration rises when my clients phone number is disconnected
it further flies when a business contacts website is down
zoning unintentionally
mixed healthfully with Bumbo viewing on Youtube
this computer is really pushing my buttons
and not the 'on' one
why won't this video embed?
there are no spaces showing between my work
I can't just write
this is work
'i have many baby breeding machine friends'
is the quote of the day
which is quite fitting
as this work day
to an
I like this idea because it keeps me fresh
although I feel a little stale
will this downpour of rain
turn to hail?
the xb and me
will bail

Wednesday, January 6, 2010