Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Work All Day feat. Cinder Block -_-


'Salt' by Portugal the Man

I nearly wept
maybe it's the new father in me
but the simplicity
the dynamics
the innocence
is captured
in perfect motion

thank you guys
thank you

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

off the top

the magical mystery of unveiling new truths

the unraveling of a ball of string

into a pile of yarn

welcome to the barn

animals welcome you and want your advice

do you prefer sugar or spice

this is most definitely something nice

I end up lost in thought and in time

Locked up with justification

with no trace of my crime

they have been committed

I have been committed

Walls become fun to bounce off of

rather than avoiding corners and aiming for walkways

I long for longer days


Friday, April 30, 2010

guess what?

pornography grew legs
an evil mouth
roamed the country side
pillaged villages

the sight was unbearable
the show was complete
underneath somewhere close
underneath someones sheet


Thursday, April 29, 2010

I've considered...

never blogging again
b/c my own wife doesn't read regularly

then again
she can't read

One of the GREATEST things to EVER happen to me...

Friday, April 23, 2010

James V. The Giant Me

not a challenge
a mere exercise
albeit an exciting one


Mind is the Master--Power that moulds and makes
And man is mind, and evermore he takes
The tool of thought, and shaping what he wills,
brings forth a thousand joys, a thousand ills:
He thinks in secret, and it comes to pass,
environment is but his looking glass.
James Allen

I represent your eternity, an always steady fate
I'll control my being; so on me, you'll never wait
forces of nature and world stir you up inside
A Queen or peasant on ice -- always will glide
Enhance your quality and it will shine forth
if south is your Hell, then please travel north.

Monday, April 19, 2010


hungry already!
10:34 am
not a good status update for the hour
pb and j not holding down the fort
rivers of coffee have ravaged Stomach Village

messaged my lioness on a social network
feelin good about my advancements on the day

Coachella reviews all seem positive
which is fitting
I wasn't there

I am an agent calling on behalf of a customer
Secret Agent??
not so much

Simultaneously I didn't qualify for a 2 dollar survey
Hmmm..Bigspot not quite hitting the spot

I am the Agent
I am advised that BAC is a debt collector

Almond Milk is the healthy alternative
So is sleep
I pursue the latter

Steak fajita burrito down the hatch
My stomach calculating how pissed it will be with me
I cardio it off with walks to the printer

In a four way translated convo
only way to describe


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Loooove this Photo

a big thank you to 'Leotard Diaries'
visit her and become a fan
it is always worth it

she has introduced to me
Ms. Magdalena Frackowiak

I refer to her as Ms. and always will
I steadily believe she is holding out for my wife to pass
so she can be named Mrs. Wilson
get into it

here is my favorite found photo of Ms. F
so far

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Bracket Yo!

i won on paper
lost in my heart
a UNC heel
picking a devil

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Black Jesus

i often wonder
this seems about right

Monday, March 29, 2010

It's the 29th day of March 2010 - The Space Age!!

here in this space-age i sit
with an aching back and a tingling nose
Billy sounds about the same
not sure about his aching
his accent and demeanor are enlightening
I am far different than most
is what it calmly reminds me of
very refreshing on this tingling, achy morning
i hold
while sent docs are searched out
excitement makes my spine pep up with pain
ah no, that's my slipped disk
the space age

the simple four letter word
gets a rise out of the masses
one that the Pope would have trouble mirroring

my day ends completing surveys

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

March your way to the 16th of 2010

i'm in the smallest of green moods today
i'm holding for the next available agent
as my back is quite sore - lacking attention
as my mind wanders supreme - attention seeker
elevator jazz
not in an elevator
wheres the disco??

not here at all
surfacing now around 315pm
started this adventure at 915am
20th century man is the business
seriously ... it kills time you don't have to kill

i shout out to someone
knowing they can't hear me
seems like a recurring nightmare
that someone would tell
while stretched out on fine leather
i wouldn't know

goodbye ambition
goodbye transition
hello myself
hello intel

Friday, March 12, 2010

I AM Michael Scott

What NBC "The Office" character are you?
Your Result: Michael Scott

You love to be the center of attention and consider yourself funny and charming. However, most people find you obnoxious. Though you are oblivious and often inappropriate deep down everyone knows you have a good heart and care for others.

Abraham Lincoln once said that, If you're a racist, I will attack you with the North, and these are the principles I carry with me in the workplace.

Toby Flenderson
Jim Halpert
Pam Beesly
Angela Martin
Ryan Howard
Dwight Kurt Schrute
Kelly Kapoor
What NBC "The Office" character are you?
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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Tuesday in March

i really have nothing of interest to speak of
that is what makes my journal perfect
to me

the new crew is buzzing and busy
but it's nice
the buzz in particular
serves as the white office noise
i've grown subconsciously fond of it
deep breathe in
an even deeper one out
work is screaming out at me
in the form of paper mountains

i bid you hello
i bid you goodbye

Thursday, March 4, 2010

orijanel soundsystem

set em up
knock em down
rearrange the future
unveil all you feel
eat the orange
the peel

we 'run in circles'
so often here in our pit
we bark up endless trees
in order to save homes
made out of the same

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


my my my
453pm my writing starts
never a good thing
for anyone who might read
but more importantly
for my ego

to my credit
my workday started late

Taylor is now on the line
sounding cheery as ever
a nice change of pace
lets see how helpful she
can be

not very
hopefully her transfer hand
is steady
forwarded to a line of fruit

BG is on a World Cup high
forwarded me one goal after another
thank him for that
watching a world class goal is always
watching a world cup world class goal
is beyond great
it's memorable

Chase's hold music
is not entertaining
at all
catchy? no
motivating? certainly not

for English press 1
for Spanish press 2
if they only understood Spanish
how would they know to press 2?

my folks are stopping by the crib
to see me??
na. i'd have to be there
minor detail

pick up some food
hit 2204


Monday, March 1, 2010


good morning world!
i hope you are well
if not - leave me a message
tell me about it
and I'll reply in tomorrows blog
from my heart
the bottom
of it

the previous all stemmed from me 'googling'
the phrase 'good morning world'
now I will follow these slick gentleman on their journey
see what their 1st sode is all about
go from there...

good morning Bg
Good morning AGizzle
Hello Billy the Goat
my peeps, what's good

I open with madness but promise
sanity might prevail

Aya Yasuda is technically my 'friend' now

a day or so after accepting my request on FB

thank you Aya

My primary focus on obtaining friendship

was to say I'm sorry for your sad DQ

from the winter olympics for the weight limit

not yours of course

but your total weight in the event

it's not your fault

probably your trainer :)

aside from my sorrow for you

I also laud you for the pictures of Japan

it's glorious landscapes sampled here...

thank you again!

The Hat

served as my source of lunch

lunch with OP and Nicole was


my stomach certainly does not agree

the usual result

of a chili tamale boat

goodnight my gentle people
sorry for the whack spacing
blogspot closed on me and
ruined my layout




Thursday, February 25, 2010


hairy legs in nylons
those were the ending words to my first 'real' conversation
this morning

you know it is going to be a
great day
when it begins
hairy legs in nylons

it stemmed from the casual talk
of how 'wrong'
NOT morally YET fashion-wise
it is for men to dress as women
our bodies weren't built for
hairy legs in nylons
fire and brimstone from cubicles

organic french roast
brewed with 9.5 kangen water
it perks without the bite
zings without the lull
its meant to be

Total Commander on its way
to my phone
sounds like an old Nintendo game

updated my phone
with a sleeker meaner look
just picked up a frisco burger
n' fries
wish it was from frisco though
because then I'd be
with the one and only

my whole internet provider just
shut down
thank goodness for Blogspot's
save a ho feature

BG's picture sites are off the hook
great entertainment in the middle
of the afternoon
JJ just came across Zack De La Rocha
in a coffeeshop
he said approaching him would blow his cover
as no one had recognized him yet
i offered some advice
'kiss the nape of his neck'
no reply

finding humor where it's not
is easiest if you let it all go
all your expectations
all your wants
to get all you've wanted

i plead for a representative
with an automated woman
i can't win arguments with real women
how on earth will I one up a robot
i lub eet

6pm and I'm still here
two more calls
hopefully they stay under 15 minutos


Thursday, February 18, 2010


voicemails vary nearly all the time
norco mixed with coffee is sublime
in this day

ok ok
so the norco mixed with coffee
was a total accident
dr gave me penicillin and norcos for my ailing tooth
it's basically exposed and needs to be protected
the coffee was to jolt the morn
different jolt than I expected
time to work and write and work and write - it's what I do
It's what makes this page what it is

had to rest with no sound
minimal lighting and warmth were also welcome
the spinning/swaying has ended and
now lunch is severely desired

1 wasn't an option for me
2 was for bankruptcy
3 was probably for you
4 was Carolyn who was right on the button

my full cup of coffee mocks me
knowing my heart and mind can't take the jolt
for meat and potatoes I would bolt
the stacks of work say no

baja fish tacos was a delight
a lunch with friends always makes the day right
didn't purposely rhyme there
it just happened

my thoughts stream constantly to my dear Elle
and all that she WILL become
it leads me into a blur of hope and happiness
leaving my desires in the back seat
where they belong

i'm leaving soon which is amazing news
not because what I was doing here is not enjoyable
but simply due to
Elle withdrawals

on my way
like Ben Kweller

Thursday, February 11, 2010

is it mine?

playing this game of staying centered

is not as easy as it appears

water designed to flow as rivers

simply disappears

my call is monitored

for security purposes

do you ever look down and wonder

who's shirt this is?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Technically I was back on Friday

but the waves of work washed me ashore

left me high and dry on the land

with no possibilty of breaking away

from the grip and grind of the wet sand

today was equally as bad

yet being off yesterday created a shield

that enabled me to deflect the mountain

of files that loomed before me

runoff must've affected my files

as they spilled onto my chair and side desk as well

if it all wasn't for Ms. Danger and Mrs. Jazz

it all wouldn't happen

you dig?

how could you NOT climb a mountain of endless work

when you get to come home to this?

anxiety melts away with her touch

her cry doesn't shrill ... it seemingly giggles its way out

she is me and I am her

which is why I'm constantly telling her

'Don't Judge Me!'

I kid

My life is entirely different yet uncapable of placing

into words

In action, it is on full display

but typically with little 'action'

More often caught in a gaze...a stare...a glance...a trance

no words necesarry

which is fitting why none can describe

'i'm starting to hate these lenders'

'they have no clue of what's going on'

'we have four pages of notes...yet they have none. guess who's right?'

frustration builds in my neighbor and I understand it

Looking to find accountability in people who can't spell

the word that he's searching for in them

frustration would be the only logical answer to that equation

long conversations keeping me from my charbroiled chicken burger

it grows colder as i grow hotter

all I want to do is bite into this juicy bad boy

i did

but still not off the damn phone

it's delicious yet rushed

as the questions flow just like my flavor and taste buds

now I careless as I chew openly over the phone

it ends and I chew like a giraffe with a mouthful of leaves

completely satisfied

how great was this?!?

thank you Mr Williams

some people have no sense of 'sense-making' notes

they apparently feel that no one else needs to understand

what they once understood...ridiculous

look up and it's 5:05pm

that's a trip when you figured it was closer to 4pm

ah well

much much closer to being with Danger

this day took too long

goodbye Mods ... hello Danger

Friday, January 29, 2010


started my morning with some bg
sprinkled in a tad of ag
and culminated with the chair rushing into my office door
pulling the yellow stained shirt off my back
looking me dead in the eye
and telling me that my problems are weak
my visions equally blurred
but our hearts
our hearts

thank you
just postponed a sale date on a home nearing foreclosure
that feels good
I technically didn't do anything except make a phone call
that feels good
to make a phone call and get the results you desire

"all hands on deck now...the sea is getting rough again"

'service not available' reads my phone
not cool
at all
here i wait
bejeweled is even making me anxious
because i usually engage while on
the phone
but my phone
'service not available'
not cool
"time to throw the Wu sign, throw both of yall hands up"

transferring data to my phone is causing my computer
a bit of a monitor-ache
while our phones have been down now for three hours
i calmly lose my cool

dropped four pounds at the pool
my phone still refuses to work
what a inanimate mechanical jerk

i do for you cheap
cheap cheap

Thursday, January 28, 2010


here i am

'can't always do what's right
but can always do what's left'
-TCV @ 1:37-


"Son, Grand has always been part of my name.
Are you JUST realizing that?
Grand Wizness, GrandMaster, GrandMixologist
Whew the list is long"
-Originator of Orijanel @ 9:51-


Get to know Mr. Dungy if you don't already


Sly and the Family Band
Paul Simon w/ The All African Band
That would be my ideal lineup
off the top of my head

time to pull some files from our filing cabinet
walk past multiple people plugging away at the daily grind
to grab paper filed in between thicker paper
fastened by thin metal
only to be passed around
and eventually judged

katy perry is not my friend
she should be
someone inform her
then inform me

anxious in the short term for a burger
in the long term for some Elle
to be delivered into this world
ah well, the good anxiety will soon be replaced
by the bad
the hiding out in the bushes with a
following slowly in an unmarked car
to prom
so I should likely preach patience
to myself
and this bit
kill me every single time
I MUST have multiple lives
thank you for the revelation Mr Peters

just had a burger that run me 9 bucks
not worth it
the 4 buck one from JITB yesterday
was just as good
especially due to the fact I was spotting a lunch
message home to honey
we're eating mac and cheese and whatever else
is dwelling in our cabs
i do love mac and cheese though

speaking of mac
Mac Bangs Dennis's Mom
an absolutely classic
Always Sunny episode
I love all the more that Mac's mom is referred to as
Mrs. Mac

Them Crooked Vultures
know how to put together some rock
and roll
thank you gentlemen
for this musical escape in the form of
your debut album

out E 5000

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


good morning Vietnam!!!
good morning America!!
good morning self!

one crucial organization of documents and faxing of them down
tons to go

the Melbourne city centre area is 20,000 population
with no private cars
my eventual home
based on visual stimulation alone
that's how I roll

i'm caught between a power struggle
and it's horrible
it made me ball up my fists
I also desperately need to eat
missing out on my traditional pb & j that I typically consume
in the AM

my physical for my life insurance is Saturday
urine - fine
blood - ouch, but fine
jelly finger!?! - really!?!
I'm 26 years old
I'm freaking out
officially you understand??
sirloin burger with swiss cheese and grilled onions
yes please and thank you

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


do you see how this works

do you see how this jerks

my body

back and forth

to and fro

do you see my spirit grow

anyway you have it

it's going to form a habit


my 9am work started at 330pm yesterday

our computer system was to be down at 530pm


how do you think my workday went yesterday?

tremendous? fabulous?


mindbending with a minor crack here and there


there will typically be a strong reason I don't end up here

that was it




'here's the ticket, what's the problem?'

'too many tickets is the problem man'

'here's the ticket, what's the problem?'

'too many problems is the ticket in my hand'



love it



back from lunch
tasty tasty del with Jones
good to see him
on his day off
I had 8 points, 16 rebounds, and 2 blocks
in our season opener this past Sunday
my stat line on
nil across the board
disheartening to see they errored in the area of displaying my stat line
ah well
at least we got the W
not quite as bad as my senior year in high school
having my picture left out with only the words
'not available'
typed in a sad gray square
time to talk to John
my porcelain friend who never judges me
once again
another non official video
but I think I'm more shocked that
LiL Wayne have teamed up
rather than the actual sound/lyrics/quality of the song itself
i thought it was around 5pm
its 615pm
shows you exactly where my day has gone
it's gone

Friday, January 22, 2010


23 won
they were 'more physical'
according to 24
they also hit their free throws

23 is also favored in every US state in MVP voting
every one except Colorado
they voted for Melo

that swell gentleman in red

data transfers taking forever
if forever
then filling out this financial information sheet is
and beyond

an automated machine just told me what I 'need' to do
hmm...I was in the middle of thinking how ridiculous that is
then I listened
so, how ridiculous am I?

just copped the Love Hate Relationship single
3 songs from blood family, the Y-Dresta

support him if you can

mini buffalo ranch chicken burgers
go down
oh so well
what I would call
a successful venture
to Target
right on

laughter is always nice to hear
even 'ugly laughter'

shin and song is apparently 'too easy'
for the representative on the other end
he is really really
trippin me

the ssn's don't match
'let me take a peak, because I see something different'
what on earth could he see?
he returns as if nothing
absolutely nothing has happened

a guy just left
his drive home is an hour
and forty five minutes
bless his heart
I'll leave here in an hour
still beat him to our respective destinations

i'm still
trying to figure out the point of this

just found out I'm starting for my basketball team
I was the 6th man last year as I recovered from injury
i'm recovered
ready to dominate
Superstar Basketball beware!

As my work day ends
So does this entry

Elle will be here soon
Danger is on the horizon
Wilson to be carried on