Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Black Jesus

i often wonder
this seems about right

Monday, March 29, 2010

It's the 29th day of March 2010 - The Space Age!!

here in this space-age i sit
with an aching back and a tingling nose
Billy sounds about the same
not sure about his aching
his accent and demeanor are enlightening
I am far different than most
is what it calmly reminds me of
very refreshing on this tingling, achy morning
i hold
while sent docs are searched out
excitement makes my spine pep up with pain
ah no, that's my slipped disk
the space age

the simple four letter word
gets a rise out of the masses
one that the Pope would have trouble mirroring

my day ends completing surveys

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

March your way to the 16th of 2010

i'm in the smallest of green moods today
i'm holding for the next available agent
as my back is quite sore - lacking attention
as my mind wanders supreme - attention seeker
elevator jazz
not in an elevator
wheres the disco??

not here at all
surfacing now around 315pm
started this adventure at 915am
20th century man is the business
seriously ... it kills time you don't have to kill

i shout out to someone
knowing they can't hear me
seems like a recurring nightmare
that someone would tell
while stretched out on fine leather
i wouldn't know

goodbye ambition
goodbye transition
hello myself
hello intel

Friday, March 12, 2010

I AM Michael Scott

What NBC "The Office" character are you?
Your Result: Michael Scott

You love to be the center of attention and consider yourself funny and charming. However, most people find you obnoxious. Though you are oblivious and often inappropriate deep down everyone knows you have a good heart and care for others.

Abraham Lincoln once said that, If you're a racist, I will attack you with the North, and these are the principles I carry with me in the workplace.

Toby Flenderson
Jim Halpert
Pam Beesly
Angela Martin
Ryan Howard
Dwight Kurt Schrute
Kelly Kapoor
What NBC "The Office" character are you?
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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Tuesday in March

i really have nothing of interest to speak of
that is what makes my journal perfect
to me

the new crew is buzzing and busy
but it's nice
the buzz in particular
serves as the white office noise
i've grown subconsciously fond of it
deep breathe in
an even deeper one out
work is screaming out at me
in the form of paper mountains

i bid you hello
i bid you goodbye

Thursday, March 4, 2010

orijanel soundsystem

set em up
knock em down
rearrange the future
unveil all you feel
eat the orange
the peel

we 'run in circles'
so often here in our pit
we bark up endless trees
in order to save homes
made out of the same

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


my my my
453pm my writing starts
never a good thing
for anyone who might read
but more importantly
for my ego

to my credit
my workday started late

Taylor is now on the line
sounding cheery as ever
a nice change of pace
lets see how helpful she
can be

not very
hopefully her transfer hand
is steady
forwarded to a line of fruit

BG is on a World Cup high
forwarded me one goal after another
thank him for that
watching a world class goal is always
watching a world cup world class goal
is beyond great
it's memorable

Chase's hold music
is not entertaining
at all
catchy? no
motivating? certainly not

for English press 1
for Spanish press 2
if they only understood Spanish
how would they know to press 2?

my folks are stopping by the crib
to see me??
na. i'd have to be there
minor detail

pick up some food
hit 2204


Monday, March 1, 2010


good morning world!
i hope you are well
if not - leave me a message
tell me about it
and I'll reply in tomorrows blog
from my heart
the bottom
of it

the previous all stemmed from me 'googling'
the phrase 'good morning world'
now I will follow these slick gentleman on their journey
see what their 1st sode is all about
go from there...

good morning Bg
Good morning AGizzle
Hello Billy the Goat
my peeps, what's good

I open with madness but promise
sanity might prevail

Aya Yasuda is technically my 'friend' now

a day or so after accepting my request on FB

thank you Aya

My primary focus on obtaining friendship

was to say I'm sorry for your sad DQ

from the winter olympics for the weight limit

not yours of course

but your total weight in the event

it's not your fault

probably your trainer :)

aside from my sorrow for you

I also laud you for the pictures of Japan

it's glorious landscapes sampled here...

thank you again!

The Hat

served as my source of lunch

lunch with OP and Nicole was


my stomach certainly does not agree

the usual result

of a chili tamale boat

goodnight my gentle people
sorry for the whack spacing
blogspot closed on me and
ruined my layout