Thursday, December 17, 2009

I KNOW you Remember

the tune

how could you not?

it was played EVERYWHERE

but did you ever have the pleasure of watching the vid?


Friday, December 11, 2009

on hold quite a bit...

at work

it ends up looking like this

bathroom paper towel art

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Certainly not too soon...

is it
too wrong??

there is no such phrase
get into it

Painter Is In!

My friends at ESPN send me wonderful updates via text message.
The updates include injury updates, breaking news, etc.

This morning I was informed that Jim Sorgi was put on the IR by the Indianapolis Colts.
Unfortunate for Mr. Sorgi. I send my regards to him.
His playing time just went from non existent to impossible.
Could be tough on the ego.

The update from ESPN was not complete.
They also informed me that rookie QB Curtis Painter is now the backup.
Boom! That was the bombshell!

I pictured the conversation going a little like this...

Coach: Curt, you're the backup now.
Painter: For what position coach? I've been running water all season.
C: For QB for goodness sake! You act as if you had no reason to pay attention based solely on the fact that you were Peyton Manning's second backup.
P: Coach...Coach! I've got this.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thank You Bg

For reminding me that laughing to tears is great


Laughing until I fall out of my chair

is greater

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Each and Everytime

this makes me cry
but as we all know
tears certainly aren't always bad


Dear Liskula Cohen

Good Afternoon Liskula!

I hope this blog finds you well and having a wonderful day! As I was reading through the Wall Street Journal yesterday, I became aware of some feisty little actions you were up to.

The Journal quotes - "Earlier this year, a Vogue magazine model Liskula Cohen sued Google to unmask the name of a person who called her a 'skank' on a blog hosted by company's blogging platform, Blogger. The culprit - an acquaintance of the model - seemed stunned that her anonymity wasn't protected. The judge ordered Google to give Ms. Cohen the name of the blogger or information leading to the name"


That filled my head with all sorts of ideas. They all eventually met and materialized into this blog/letter to Ms. Cohen asking her to go to similar great lengths to reveal great things said about her.

Keep in mind I know nothing about her/you(in case somehow she is reading this lowly rag)

Yet....I wouldn't mind a little press.

I wouldn't mind a little article in the Wall Street Journal stating Liskula Cohen pursued Google to find out who on earth would speak such amazing things about her.

Also, I'm using the name Liskula Cohen as many times as humanly possible in this article so that Liskula Cohen herself just might read this.

Liskula Cohen, you are an amazing woman!

Liskula Cohen, you are a charm!

Liskula Cohen, if I met the skank who referred to you as a 'skank' I'd call her a skank! Word is born Ms. Cohen.

Liskula Cohen, if all the water on earth dried up. Your nails could be melted down and would miraculously quench millions of thirsty mouths. Yes, that is true.

So, Ms. Cohen, pursue Google to find all these wonderful things written about you and then if you don't mind...become a follower of my journal.

Good lookin' out Ms. Liskula Cohen!

Oh, and if all of these compliments don't get it done, I'm posting a classy photo of you.

Cease and Desist Orijanel