Thursday, February 25, 2010


hairy legs in nylons
those were the ending words to my first 'real' conversation
this morning

you know it is going to be a
great day
when it begins
hairy legs in nylons

it stemmed from the casual talk
of how 'wrong'
NOT morally YET fashion-wise
it is for men to dress as women
our bodies weren't built for
hairy legs in nylons
fire and brimstone from cubicles

organic french roast
brewed with 9.5 kangen water
it perks without the bite
zings without the lull
its meant to be

Total Commander on its way
to my phone
sounds like an old Nintendo game

updated my phone
with a sleeker meaner look
just picked up a frisco burger
n' fries
wish it was from frisco though
because then I'd be
with the one and only

my whole internet provider just
shut down
thank goodness for Blogspot's
save a ho feature

BG's picture sites are off the hook
great entertainment in the middle
of the afternoon
JJ just came across Zack De La Rocha
in a coffeeshop
he said approaching him would blow his cover
as no one had recognized him yet
i offered some advice
'kiss the nape of his neck'
no reply

finding humor where it's not
is easiest if you let it all go
all your expectations
all your wants
to get all you've wanted

i plead for a representative
with an automated woman
i can't win arguments with real women
how on earth will I one up a robot
i lub eet

6pm and I'm still here
two more calls
hopefully they stay under 15 minutos


Thursday, February 18, 2010


voicemails vary nearly all the time
norco mixed with coffee is sublime
in this day

ok ok
so the norco mixed with coffee
was a total accident
dr gave me penicillin and norcos for my ailing tooth
it's basically exposed and needs to be protected
the coffee was to jolt the morn
different jolt than I expected
time to work and write and work and write - it's what I do
It's what makes this page what it is

had to rest with no sound
minimal lighting and warmth were also welcome
the spinning/swaying has ended and
now lunch is severely desired

1 wasn't an option for me
2 was for bankruptcy
3 was probably for you
4 was Carolyn who was right on the button

my full cup of coffee mocks me
knowing my heart and mind can't take the jolt
for meat and potatoes I would bolt
the stacks of work say no

baja fish tacos was a delight
a lunch with friends always makes the day right
didn't purposely rhyme there
it just happened

my thoughts stream constantly to my dear Elle
and all that she WILL become
it leads me into a blur of hope and happiness
leaving my desires in the back seat
where they belong

i'm leaving soon which is amazing news
not because what I was doing here is not enjoyable
but simply due to
Elle withdrawals

on my way
like Ben Kweller

Thursday, February 11, 2010

is it mine?

playing this game of staying centered

is not as easy as it appears

water designed to flow as rivers

simply disappears

my call is monitored

for security purposes

do you ever look down and wonder

who's shirt this is?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Technically I was back on Friday

but the waves of work washed me ashore

left me high and dry on the land

with no possibilty of breaking away

from the grip and grind of the wet sand

today was equally as bad

yet being off yesterday created a shield

that enabled me to deflect the mountain

of files that loomed before me

runoff must've affected my files

as they spilled onto my chair and side desk as well

if it all wasn't for Ms. Danger and Mrs. Jazz

it all wouldn't happen

you dig?

how could you NOT climb a mountain of endless work

when you get to come home to this?

anxiety melts away with her touch

her cry doesn't shrill ... it seemingly giggles its way out

she is me and I am her

which is why I'm constantly telling her

'Don't Judge Me!'

I kid

My life is entirely different yet uncapable of placing

into words

In action, it is on full display

but typically with little 'action'

More often caught in a gaze...a stare...a glance...a trance

no words necesarry

which is fitting why none can describe

'i'm starting to hate these lenders'

'they have no clue of what's going on'

'we have four pages of notes...yet they have none. guess who's right?'

frustration builds in my neighbor and I understand it

Looking to find accountability in people who can't spell

the word that he's searching for in them

frustration would be the only logical answer to that equation

long conversations keeping me from my charbroiled chicken burger

it grows colder as i grow hotter

all I want to do is bite into this juicy bad boy

i did

but still not off the damn phone

it's delicious yet rushed

as the questions flow just like my flavor and taste buds

now I careless as I chew openly over the phone

it ends and I chew like a giraffe with a mouthful of leaves

completely satisfied

how great was this?!?

thank you Mr Williams

some people have no sense of 'sense-making' notes

they apparently feel that no one else needs to understand

what they once understood...ridiculous

look up and it's 5:05pm

that's a trip when you figured it was closer to 4pm

ah well

much much closer to being with Danger

this day took too long

goodbye Mods ... hello Danger